Knotted Braid


Step One:

Start with a small section, in this tutorial I'm doing a french knot braid and incorporating all my hair.

Step Two:

Divide section into two holding each section in different hands, tie a knot using both sections of hair. Don't think too hard about this, it's just a knot, like you've always done!

Step Three:

Add more hair to each section making your original section a little thicker, now knot this section. Again don't think too hard about this!

Step Four:

Continue all the way down your hair incorporating more hair as you go and tie with small elastic at ends to secure braid! 


Unless you're really good at this it'll most likely look really loose for your first time! That's great, work with it! Use the palms of your hands and lightly rub your front hairline to release "wispy" pieces to accentuate the looseness of the braid! 


Amanda Riley