Dutch Braids


Step One:

Part hair into two sections! You can do a side part or a middle part but always have two large sections! (heck do three or four but that's getting in to more advanced braiding) 

Step Two:

As I talked about in the last Braids & Bikinis tutorial a "Dutch braid is when the braid pops out on top". This is accomplished by handing off the hair UNDER each strand vs on top (like a french braid) Start on one side. Take three small sections of hair in your hand. Take your left side and cross under the middle section into your right hand, take right section crossing under center section this is like a regular braid pattern except it's passed under each section instead of on top.

Step Three:

In your left hand grab a small section of hair to add into the left section and pass (left) section under to middle. Do the same to the right section! 

Step Four:

Continue braiding like this adding new sections of hair with each pass under until the ends, tie with rubber band! 

Step Five: 

Repeat on other side! 


Amanda Riley