Beachy Curls


Step One: 

Brush out all tangles! I like to use a regular paddle brush. 

Step Two:

Section out hair! Generally on my day to day when trying to accomplish this look I curl my hair in 3 sections. From the top of the ear to the bottom hairline (1), from top of the ear to the temple area (2), and the top section! My favorite clippys are these amazing little crocodile clips. I use them in the salon to clip back mass sections of hair.

Step Three:
I have FINE, limp hair. I always have to prep with something for more hold. In this video I’m using my favorite hair spray by Davines. It’s a medium hold spray so it gives hold and flexibility. I like to prep each section with hairspray as I go!

Step Four:

 Now curl! I’m using an 1 1/4” curling iron by Babyliss. This is what I use on all Braids & Bikinis models and all my clients in the salon! (Literally this exact curling iron) Important things to pay attention to: when curling start from the middle of the hair strand and gently twist/curl up while leaving the last 1-2” of the strand out of the iron. This is the general rule of thumb for creating beachy texture. You’ll also notice that I switch direction of curls every other EXCEPT for the front hairline which I always curl back away from the face. You can skip forward to the end of the video where I show a better example of this! (1:14)

Step Five:

Continuing curl hair in this manner alternating between towards the face and away. Prep each section with lite or medium hold hair spray! Always curl front hairline section BACK/AWAY from the face!

Step Six:

Wait until your curls/waves are cool to touch. Curls don’t form in the hair until cooled down (which is why if your hair is looking too curly you can always calm it down when it’s still hot or by heating it up and brushing it)

When curls are cooled use a dry texturizing spray, my favorite is Texturize by Unite! And spray that all over, through the mid-lengths and ends while using your fingers to gently “rake” your hair and pull apart the curls. You can never spray enough of this! 


At 1:14 of the video I give a demonstration of what I mean by switching the direction of curl! By “away” from the face or “towards” the face! 


Amanda Riley