Why Book a Color Consultation?


When seeing a new stylist for any color services I highly recommend going in to the salon for a consultation beforehand! I require most new clients to do this! Here's some of the reasons why:

1: What you think may be a teeny tiny change like "I just want to go a little lighter" or "I just want to go all over dark" or my favorite "I just want to be more copper and not so violet anymore" could actually be a very large color service! So it's always important to be clear with your objective (if you have one) and come prepared knowing that what you are asking for may not be achievable with one appointment! 

2: How is the health and condition of your hair? Have you thought about this at all as you switched from brown to red to blonde while being in the sun all summer longer?? Most times the answer is no. Most times we don't realize how terrible the things we do to our hair on a daily basis are! (another blog post for another day)

3: Timing. Often clients are booked incorrectly because they think their desired color is achievable within one appointment, or it is a simple "change". I can't stress enough how important it is time to have enough time for me to properly create the masterpiece we've envisioned. 

4: You probably didn't know that the box color you put on your hair 3 years ago is still in your hair. You've probably gotten 8 haircuts since then and you can't see it anymore. But the chemicals never lie! The important action to take before any color service is doing a test strand! This important little test is the road map to discovery where we can tell what's in your hair. (Old color, minerals, chlorine etc) Or if we can achieve your desired look and just what products I can use to get us there including scissors!

Color consultations are the key to success and us building a relationship. I like the analogy of dating when it comes to meeting your stylist. The first date is always about getting to know each other. Second dates are usually a bit longer, we've developed a connection after the first date and now we're having more in-depth conversation. Date three is when you truly know if this is going to be a lasting relationship! Chances are during the first date, I'm just learning about your hair. I'm touching it, asking questions and preparing us for the second date. Date number two is always the first large color appointment, usually where we're knocking a lot of our goals off the list! And date three is where we fine-tune and tweak your hair, maybe we didn't achieve everything during our second date but we know there's a third so we've made a plan for it! 

So are you ready for our first date?? Click the tab "Book an Appointment" or call The Hive Los Angeles today!