My Exact Guide To Creating an Eye-Catching Instagram


How Do I Make My Instagram Page Look;

a) Cohesive

b) Organized

c) Not JUST Hair Photos

d) all the above

When I first started using Instagram intentionally to grow my business I took several online courses and listened to many podcasts. The hardest thing for me was to keep things looking like they were meant to be and not just thrown on there because, well I have the instant gratification of posting hair!

If you didn’t know your top 9 posts are always your most important. It’s the thing that your potential client sees first makes them WANT to engage or follow you!

Your First 9 Photos On Your Instagram Page is Your Grid

hair stylist instagram

Using my Branding Colors I created a template for my 9 grid so I can create a cohesive and consistent Instagram page!

Here’s What My Template Looks Like:

hair stylist instagram template

Using my favorite Instagram planning app Plann I’m able to use my Template to move & rearrange posts to keep the same consistent theme on my Instagram page.

instagram for hair stylists guide