My Favorite Video Editing App (and the best features on it)

how to edit hair tutorial videos and other video hacks by a hair stylists for hair stylists

I recently polled my Instagram audience to see what things they wanted to learn about and the highest requested was: Video Editing.

Now I’ll start by saying I am NO guru when it comes to this and maybe that’s why it could click for you. I don’t use anything fancy in fact I use one simple app on my iPhone called; InShot.

From InShot I’m able to upload several clips and create one long video, edit out portions I don’t, speed up the video (so you only watch me foil hair for 10 seconds vs 10 mins) and add music or audio.

When I first started messing around with posting videos I felt like I needed to spend hours editing them and do it on my laptop on iMovie to create the highest quality content. So I never posted anything because I never wanted to take the time to edit the video. Once I started using InShot I was able to edit everything super fast directly to my phone.

My Three Favorite Features on InShot Are:

how to edit video on your phone for hair stylists


This is how you create the “blur” effect when adding multiple videos together.

teaching hair stylists how to edit videos on their phone
editing video for hair stylists


This is how you can edit your clips faster or slower to keep viewers engaged

video editing for hair stylists using InShot


This button is how you can add music directly from iTunes or audio you record