FREE Photo Bundle for Hair Stylists

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Create Community & Be Generous

Earlier this year I created a meet-up for the beauty industry to let each other shine in the beauty industry through community & encouragement called The Glow Social! And ever since then I’ve been slowly and surely speaking to other hair stylists through my social media presence. My first Glow Social event was “Building Your Instagram 101” and the #1 thing attendees kept asking the panelists or struggling with was physically creating the content or photos. I thought to myself “well what if I create sharable content for hair stylists??”

Months later this was still on my heart and after trying and retrying to figure out how I could get something like this out there I released my first set of Instagram Content Photos for FREE for hair stylists by a hair stylist! Showcasing something other than millennial pink and a cactus or things that don’t relate to the beauty industry at all that you find on Pinterest. I created flat lays to be used on your Instagram grid or story that you can add things like “Out of The Salon” or “Pre-Book for the Holidays” on them. I’ve had almost 100 downloads of the photo bundle and nothing makes me happier than seeing these images put to use!

I just released EIGHT more images and all you have to do is click ‘here’ to sign up to receive them!

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Confused About How You Can Use My FREE Photo Bundle??

Here’s how I use them!