Obtaining & Retaining Your Dream Client


Hey, it’s me, Amanda Riley!

This week I’m serving you up a big ol’ piece of my new series focusing on your obtaining and retaining your DREAM CLIENT!

Having a Dream Client doesn’t mean you get to turn people away because they aren’t necessarily your “Dream Client” but a Dream Client is the person you’re talking to on Instagram!

Interested? Read Below! 


Only post photos of the type of hair you want to do. 

If you don’t want to do crazy color transformations; DON’T POST IT. No matter how awesome your before // after photos are! 

I get it, sometimes you feel like you need the content but trust me, if all you’re posting is neon pink hair; you will ONLY get those clients.

My Dream Client is a blonde, copper or balayage girl, with long hair. So I only post photos of this kind of hair!

Hot Tip #2:

“I feel like I already know you!”; is the thing I hear the most from new clients! That’s because a) they follow me on Instagram b) they creeped me on Instagram c) their friend referred them. 

Most times they feel like they know me because I share so much about myself on social media. I share personal photos, I share about my husbands health, how much I love my dog and of course Disneyland. So because of the things I share and the way I share it clients that are attracted to those things want to get their done by me because they want to SPEND time with me since we have things in common. 

Don’t believe me? Listen to Jenna Kutcher’s podcast The Goal Digger! She talks over and over and over again about how her captions only talk about 1 of 5 things. 

My top 5 things are:

1: My Husband Timmy & puppy

2: Hair

3: Disneyland/Family

4: The Glow Social

5: Being an Entrepreneur & Independant Stylist

Hot Tip #3:


That client who’s name we see on our calendar and we’re so excited to see and catch up with. Who always wants your tips on their hair, pre-books and most of all TELLS ALL HER GIRLFRIENDS ABOUT YOU.

This is the client you should be going above & beyond for! Topping off their wine glass, commenting on their Instagram and giving them a discount for every referral they send to you.

Yes you heard that right! You love that client, she’s the epitome of your DREAM CLIENT so ask her to send you her friends. 9 out of 10 of those people you will also equally love!

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