Learning to Describe Shades of Copper

One of my biggest learning curves for being a hair stylist was learning how to effectively communicate color. Clients have the hardest time expressing their #dreamhair when it comes to tonality. When it’s our job to effectively communicate hair goals or steps to take, this can be hard to consult through. How I describe and see color could be completely different from the stylist next to me or the client in my chair!

I’ve found a fun way to describe and verbalize tones of hair color, specifically reds or copper shades using food terminology! By using food names that are commonly used I’ve found clients think it’s charming and exciting to say things like “Orange Mocha” or “Sangria”! This can be utilized to better our color consultations and get us on the same page by saying things like “Are you visualizing an Eggplant red or a Cherry Red?”.

Check Out My Most Commonly Used Food Adjectives and Visual Aids Below!


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