What is a Toner?


What is a toner?

One of my favorite questions! I remember in beauty school being taught this magical thing called the color wheel and using the opposite side of color wheel to counteract unwanted “tones” in the hair. Unfortunately I also remember being taught how that was more or less a bad thing and a very hush-hush part of the hair service. But man oh man, was I taught wrong!

The easiest way to explain a toner without going in to a whole lot of theory is its the actual color you want. When you come in and say to me during your consultation “I want ashy highlights”, “I want strawberry blonde”, “I want golden hair”. You’re all describing the color of hair you want and thats what a toner is!


This is most likely a part of your service when your hair has been lightened! It’s that magical color we put on your hair at the shampoo bowl to marry your color together, blend grays, add shine, add depth in areas, and cancel out any unwanted colors like yellow or orange!

There’s many ways to use a toner and many words we now call them! It’s a demi-permanent hair color that washes and fades out of your hair. It’s generally made of waxes and lipids so it will not damage your hair. In fact it will make your hair feel softer, healthier and shiny! The beauty about a toner is that it washes out of your hair so you never get a harsh demarcation line from it. But because it also lasts only 4-6 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair and what shampoo & conditioners you’re using, it tends to wash out faster than you’d like. To help counteract this process and prolong the life of your color there are several things you can do! You can come back in to the salon and get a gloss timed halfway between your future highlight appointment, shampoo less often and use dry shampoo, use great color saving products and shampoo with cool temperature water! A gloss is another salon service that has no tonality or depth to it. It simply adds shine, smooths down the cuticle of your hair which locks your color into place and helps it last longer, has UV protection and it also protects against minerals found in water! 


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Amanda Riley Hair Stylist