Meet My New Partner in Crime, Gel!

My last couple of posts were about The Harbor being on the long road to GRAND OPENING, I’m so happy to announce that we’ve been open for a couple months now and everything is going swimmingly! In the short amount of time that we’ve been open The Harbor has welcomed in many new stylists making us all feel at home and safe in The Harbor family. One of my favorite things about this new space is our adorable PHOTO BOOTH! The photo booth is a space created just for you to feel comfortable in getting the ultimate post-hair appointment selfie!

Here’s some cute photo booth pictures from The Harbor’s Grand Opening party!


Another thing I am so excited to talk to you all about is I achieved a HUGE business goal of mine this year by hiring an assistant, Gel! Gel is freshly graduated from school and so excited to learn! She’s been popping in and out of the salon already learning the ropes and will be working full time starting mid-October. She’s going to be such a huge help to me by allowing me to take more clients. She’s your go-to girl for anything you need while you’re sitting in my chair and I can’t wait for you all to get one of her awesome head massages!